The Four Conversations

Last weekend, the Four Quarters Magazine organized a lovely event, themed "Bordering, Translations" at the Attic in Delhi. I had a beautiful afternoon moderating the panel "Post-Memory, Commemoration, and Trauma: The Partition Retold." It was one of those magical afternoons when I heard panelists listen to and build upon one another's ideas, have real conversations rather than a series of monologues, and invite in the audience not just to ask questions but also to offer responses. Despite a bad cold and being heavily crocin-ed, I learned a lot, particularly about the Eastern Partition and the many ways in which those big historical events continue to play out in contemporary India in particular and South Asia in general. So much so that, in my opening remarks, I renamed the session "The PartitionS Retold" because the previous panels had made it so clear that there is no singular way to talk about such diverse phenomena.

Here's more about the event, as covered by the Sunday Guardian (in the section "Young and Restless," no less! ;) ).

Speaking from the Borderlines