TFA Award

If you haven't heard already, here it is: I won the Toto Award for Creative Writing in English yesterday. And I got a chance to read from the winning selection, along with Afrah (one of the shortlisted candidates) at Lekhana, the literary weekend in Bangalore today. Both experiences, the ceremony and the reading, were really special, and this is simply me saying a big thank you to all the folks who were part of them. I feel incredibly blessed in the warm welcome I've received from the world of Indian writing in English over this past year -- to everyone at TFA, Sangam House, and the Rayaprol trust, thank you for the confidence, support, encouragement, and everything else you've given me over the last year.

And you know you have the world's most amazing friends when you are in a city that isn't yours, but there are five people you know and love in the audience who have given up their Saturday evening AND Sunday morning to support you at the award ceremony and the reading, even though they are uninterested in (and somewhat intimidated by) poetry! You guys know who you are, and you are amazing -- thank you.

More as I return to Delhi!