People Building Peace 2.0

So, the Peace Portal's People Building Peace 2.0 book, which carries one of my stories, is finally out. To know more, click this link While I worked for WISCOMP, I wrote a story about their annual Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding workshops for the contest that this book's winners were selected from. It found its way into the published 25, and I'm glad to see it here, but I've enjoyed reading some of the others even more. There are powerful, moving stories in here about ordinary people, all around the world, standing up to rebuild broken societies and create a world of peace and joy. It's a great antidote to the overdose of hopelessness in much of mainstream media, and it makes me feel hopeful, reassured, and eager to work harder at building this world we are dreaming of.

You can buy the book, or you can simply read all the published stories online on this page