Launch Date for "The Fingers Remember"!

And more good news: we finally have a launch date for my first full-length collection of poetry! The Fingers Remember will be released on 21st November, at the Max Mueller Bhavan in Delhi, as part of a mega-event to commemorate 10 years of Yoda Press. The launch will be around 6/ 6:30, more details on all of it soon, but start saving that date, please! And for those of you not in Delhi/ India, worry not -- the book will be available worldwide within a few weeks of its launch, more details on all that as the time nears.

I kind of wanted to do an extract with this post, but at this moment, the only fitting extract would be the acknowledgments page because this moment is all about gratitude, so here we go! Of course, there are so many, many, many more people I'm thankful for; this is just the beginning in terms of the folks without whom this book wouldn't have been this book.

"They say it takes a village to raise a child. A book is a kind of child. This book was raised by a village that spans continents. This page cannot do justice to continents.

But I must, still, say thank you:

To Suzanne Gardinier, for challenging me to find my voice and tell my truths. To Kate Johnson for insisting that The Fingers Remember was a book. To Ken Saragosa for nudging me back towards my words when I was walking away.

To Jeremy Kamps for ensuring the writing process is never a lonely one. ToJessica Ankeny for feedback on early drafts and for speaking my kind of strange.

To Saurabh Kumar, Christopher Ornelas, Neha Shah, and Kevin Devaney for patiently listening to my stories and my silences as I worked through the upheavals this book entailed.

To the Srinivas Rayaprol Trust and to Toto Funds the Arts for their confidence in my words.

To Sangam House for the time and space to work on this manuscript. Particularly to Arshia Sattar, Rahul Soni, Jeremy Tiang, Mario Kaiser, and Karthika Nair Seeking Rumi) for the conversations and the community within which this book took shape.

To Arpita Das and Yoda Press for their warmth and enthusiasm.

The Fingers Remember_coverTo Jericha Senyak for the gift of a beautiful cover and the even more beautiful collaborative process that went into creating it.

To my students, past and present, for keeping me alive to the joy of words.

To my family, and to the incredible community of friends and teachers I am blessed with, for loving and supporting my poetry, but more importantly, for loving and supporting me regardless of my poetry.

To all the people, friends and strangers, dead and alive, who have inspired the poems in this collection. Ultimately, this is your book."