This, too, is called "settling in."

I've had a crazy ongoing drama with what was initially just a little corn on my left foot since September, including 4 removals by the surgeon, 2 weeks of antibiotics, and all kinds of other things. We thought it was getting over by the time I left Delhi, but then over the last few days, my foot got so swollen that i couldn't fit into my shoe any longer this morning. So, since today also happened to be a freakishly lovely day for January, I put on open sandals and trundled into town to see a doctor. She scraped my foot again, then gave me a prescription for meds for a month, and she did not charge me for the visit as we aren't sure if insurance will treat this as "pre-existing" and hassle me about it-- said we'd figure out payment if I wasn't better in 4 weeks and needed to see her again.

(I think my favourite thing about this visit was that she wrote down the homeopathic medicines I am taking with the same seriousness as the allopathic treatments undergone so far, even quickly looking up one of the homeopathic ones in a reference book on her desk. My second favourite thing was that there was a stress-ball and a big box of colour pencils in the waiting room).

Then I limped over to a pharmacy, and after filling out my prescription, the pharmacist gave me a free bar of chocolate. Just because.

So I don't yet have a favourite cafe or bookshop in Stuttgart, but I totally have a favourite pharmacy and doctor. I think that's as good a start as any as far as making a new city home goes, no?