Here I am, then, in this beautiful little mountain town, only an hour outside Mexico City but in other ways a world apart. I hear that it gets very crazy here on weekends because of the proximity to DF, but right now, it feels like a wonderful sleepy little town that knows it has something special to offer (it was named one of Mexico´s "magic towns")... so yes, little puestos selling local handicrafts and all crop up here and there, yet it feels far from touristy in the nuisance sense of the word.

I admit I was a little nervous about taking that bus out of Mexico City without knowing where i would stay or having a cell phone or having a map of the area. But all that nervousness has slipped away now; things have been remarkably easy. The bus driver announced my stop, i got off on the highway, asked around for the town... there was really only one way to go, and a BEAUTIFUL half hour walk later i found myself in the town center. A local government building there was able to procure me a map of the town, although not after looking at me strangely, this tourist who shows up on a Thursday morning. I walked for about an hour, checking out various places to stay and askng for prices... I finally settled on a lovely little guest house called Posada Saritas on the outskirts of the town. Basic, but has a lovely garden with a hammock, is clean, and is run by a sweet lady who makes me feel safe and welcomed-- what more could I ask for? Spent today just walking about town, but think i will head back to read or write or something like that early today so that i can wake up and leave for the pyramids early in the morning tomorrow.

Had the most amazing ice cream from a famous chain here. For 20 pesos (a little under USD 2), you can get a cup with three flavors in it... now, the hard part is choosing which 3 flavors! When I can, I shall post a photo I took of their list of flavors... i think they had about a hundred, you name it, they have it. They even had lettuce flavored ice cream, which i admit i was tempted to try, but i let that one pass! However, their "mangolin" flavor, a mix of mango, lemon, and chile, is to die for. Never tasted anything like it; if any of you are ever in this part of the world, you know you have to try it. Also passed a wonderful looking "Mexican chocolaterie," made a mental note to myself to find it again tomorrow, I know where my birthday slice of cake is coming from now ;)

All right, more later, I´m going out to continue my walk. Just wanted to let you all know that i am here safely and enjoying myself!