Sinking roots

I Skyped with A yesterday, and we were trying to figure out when she and I last talked. Turns out it was almost 8 months ago. That would have been scary, if it weren't accompanied by a scarier realization — we last talked the day I left NYC, she had been the one to help me clean the apartment on the last day and had seen me off into the shuttle. I.E. it has been almost 8 months since I left NYC! I don't know why that surprises me — it's been a pretty full eight months in many ways. And I do feel very far away from that life. But the moment you put a number on it — 8 months, only 4 months short of a year! — I guess I'm disoriented simply by the realization that New York is quickly becoming part of my past, not just my recent-past!

At any rate, as this whole process of becoming who I am (professionally) here in Delhi goes, today was a breakthrough kind-of day. I wrote a poem to Elizabeth Bishop. It came kinda out of nowhere, but I'm really enjoying where it's going, and it's been a long time since I felt like a poem was going anywhere! Doubly satisfying because I started this writing session with nothing to say, wrote a journal entry griping about how tired and bored I was and how i really had nothing to say, then managed to push through and discovered this poem. Cass always talked about the value of the "Resistance Page," and looks like I'm going to be learning that lesson over and over for a while! :)

Speaking of writing process, I'm starting a 10 week writing workshop out of my living room next month! I'm really excited, not just for the writing that will come out of it but also for the voices that will intersect during it. Quick glimpse: so far, I have NGO workers, an intellectual property rights lawyer, a comic book artist, a PhD in Economics scholar, an English literature student, a couple of teenaged radio-show writers, a research analyst, and a communications specialist... coming together in my living room once a week to share stories, support one another, and grow together as writers. I have magically found a wonderful diversity in ages and socio-economic backgrounds, and so much of me is deeply moved by the opportunity for the intersection of stories that seldom meet out in the world. This first session will run March through May, but I hope for this workshop to become a regular thing over the next year, so follow this blog if you want to see how it shapes up!

That's all for now, more soon!