Off to Mexico

So, disregard any panic that last post may have caused (although I do appreciate the concerned emails). I'm feeling better and heading to Mexico tomorrow. These should prove to be an interesting 6 weeks.

This past week in California has been utterly beautiful. Exhausting at times, yes, but also refreshing in incredible ways. Catching up with people I haven't talked to in months or years really helped me see myself differently... one conversation in particular, had after a 5 year silence, transformed so much about how I see myself and people around me. More on that some other time, perhaps, but it's really more diary news than blog news. Nevertheless an important week.

It hasn't yet hit me that I shall be in Mexico at this time tomorrow. Hasn't even hit me enough for me to feel nervous or excited or anything. But yes, there you have it, one more adventure. I am looking forward to it when i think about it, and I'm sure it will become more real as soon as I check into that airport tomorrow.

Well then, that's all for now, will blog again from Mexico City in the next couple of days. Stay well, and stay in touch!