"Home" again

I just moved back to Delhi after completing my MFA, closing my year at the Possibility Project, and attending the release of the Student press Initiative book. And after a series of goodbyes, some harder than others. In all honesty, I was a little surprised at all the emotion I felt on leaving NYC; I guess I had felt so drained by my time in the city, I had forgotten how many people I love there. At the same time, I was glad that it was hard to leave... if you live somewhere for 2 years but find it easy to leave, what does that say about the quality of the time you spent and the relationships you built in those two years? A part of me wishes I had blogged more regularly over this past year; it's been a pretty insane year, and I expect to keep learning its lessons for a long time yet. The rest of me knows that I couldn't, so I didn't, but now I can, and am, so end of that. At any rate, I'm back home now, this time for good (I think!). What an odd feeling, this settledness. I decided to take a month off to recover and re-energize, but just a week in, I'm already getting restless. I'm not used to this being in one place with no plan feeling. I'm also not used to the sense of being in one place indefinitely. But, apart from its oddness, it's a good feeling. I needed to settle in, stop moving for a bit.

I haven't been in much of a writing mood pretty much since i finished my thesis... odd scribbles here and there but nothing substantial. Yesterday, I finally sat down to start writing poetry again. Today, I received my thesis in the mail, and somehow, reading through a body of work that I am (for the most part) proud of pushed me to write more today. I have a draft of a new poem now, and while it isn't my most prolific writing day, it feels good to be back in that space.