Back at SUA

I've been back in California this week, and it's been both wonderful and exhausting. There's a lot going on inside my head, but most of it is diary-worthy, not blog-worthy. Still, I feel the need to touch base a little. Staying with J & W, that's been wonderful. Also really glad I came out early enough int he week to actually get a chance to meet and talk with TL, PV, and JK... even when all the students had changed and the cafeteria seemed weird, it felt good to have these guys still be there, to be able to talk to them as an alum but also as a student. I feel like my favorite part of being an SUA alum is having such close relationships with my teachers.

In some ways, of course, the ceremony was overwhelming. Not the ceremony itself, but all the people gathered there. There were so many more people to talk to than was possible; I hugged more people yesterday than I have all year, but I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone for more than a couple of minutes. That's not how I work; I know I need to do more catching up... so, in a weird way, I feel less like I caught up with people at graduation and more like I now feel more motivated to catch up with people after I return from my summer adventures. Including with people who weren't there today but whom I would have loved to see. I feel more connected to the alumni in general after today, and it's a good feeling.

Two more people to meet, hopefully tomorrow, and then I head on to LA to spend a day with L, then off to Mexico on the 1st of June. So glad I did this week at SUA first.

Mexico tomorrow!